• CSBA 8

    CSBA 8" Active Subwoofer

    Coming with a built-in integrated Class H amplifier, feel the sound going through your body with the CSBA 8', capable of a frequency response of 20Hz-120Hz (士10dB) including two satellite channels of power output, reaching up to 160 W@40 of energy.

    Available as the model CSBA.

  • XPower Series 4CH

    XPower Series 4CH

    When it comes to controlling the volume of multiple appliances at once, the XPower series are the perfect devices for the job. Simple to use, flexible, and even compatible with Dante, the XPower series offers a great range of power broadband output, while also consuming incredibly low amounts of energy and meeting every safety requirement for something that is efficient, effective, and durable.

    Available as the the X2000, X4000, and X1

  • XPower 4 Channel DSP Series

    XPower 4 Channel DSP Series

    With a built-in DSP module inside the XPower, the comes the birth of the 'D' and 'D4' variants of the XPower devices. The 2 in 4 out DSP module holds 40 bit floating point, 96kHz sample rate and 24bit A/D D/A converter, while being controllable remotely with a ACX'ssoftware.
    Available as the X2000D, X4000D, X1D, X2000D3, X4000D4, and X1D4.

  • PoE90+ Injector

    PoE90+ Injector

    The PoE90+ Injector is a single-port PoE injector that's able to withstand a large temperature range, being able to work within temperatures of -40°c to +65°c and 100-240VAC input.
    Its built-in detection chip lets it detect and classify PD before powering, and will not provide power until a standard compliant PD is detected. The effective distance of this device is over 100m over Cat5e/Cat6 cables.

  • PoE16++ Switch

    PoE16++ Switch

    The PoE16++ Switch is a full gigabit BT PoE Switch with adaptive RJ45 ports and 2 1000M SFP optical port slots.
    Among them, 1-16 ports support ultra high power 71W POE output and are backward compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standard, with a single port PoE power of up to 95W.
    Providing a combination of Gigabit Ethernet port+Gigabit independent optical port, this switch makes it convenient for users to flexibly network and meet their various network needs for any installation application.

  • CS 3

    CS 3" Active Column with Dante

    Carries the same benefits of the CS3 passive series, but its satellite channel power output helps to simplify setup, while keeping everything you need from quality speakers with a full-range of sound.
    Comes in 6 different models, the CS342A, CS342AN CS382A, CS382AN, CS3122A, and the CS3122 AN with several accessories for installation, and fine-tuning its angles. Also available in black or white

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