• CS 3

    CS 3" Passive Column

    Simple to use, stable, economical, and durable. The bigger brother to the CS2 series, with all of its benefits, a full-range of sound, easy installation and with some more power.
    Comes in 3 different models, the CS342, CS382, and CS3122, with several accessories for installation, and fine-tuning its angles.

  • CS4

    CS4" Passive Column

    Beautiful design and high quality components, focusing on language and sound reinforcement, the CS Column speaker series is one of the best choices you can make and the CS4 is ACX' largest version of the series providing maximum volumes and quality.
    Comes in 4 different Models from the CS401, CS402, CS404, and CS408, perfect for different setups, and occasions.

  • CS 2

    CS 2" Passive Column

    Slim, light, yet produces incredible full-range sound for its size. The CS2 Passive series shows that big things do come in small packages and you can take full advantage of its compact size with its easy installation for a passive speaker.
    Comes in 3 different Models from the CS242, CS282, and CS2122 for even louder volumes and are available in black or white

  • CL Ceiling Speaker

    CL Ceiling Speaker

    Ceiling speakers with a cavity design that offers excellent dynamics and sound quality. Perfect for those looking for speakers to provide the perfect level of background music, broadcasts, conferences, or other distributed systems.
    Comes in the CL4.0, and CL6.5.

  • CSBA 8

    CSBA 8" Active Subwoofer

    Coming with a built-in integrated Class H amplifier, feel the sound going through your body with the CSBA 8', capable of a frequency response of 20Hz-120Hz (士10dB) including two satellite channels of power output, reaching up to 160 W@40 of energy.

    Available as the model CSBA.

  • CS 3

    CS 3" Active Column with Dante

    Carries the same benefits of the CS3 passive series, but its satellite channel power output helps to simplify setup, while keeping everything you need from quality speakers with a full-range of sound.
    Comes in 6 different models, the CS342A, CS342AN CS382A, CS382AN, CS3122A, and the CS3122 AN with several accessories for installation, and fine-tuning its angles. Also available in black or white

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