• XP Series

    XP Series

    ACX's XP series of profesional matrix DSP system controllers, delivering great value-to-performance, its one of the most reliable DSP's on the market, backed by years of legacy design from its original factory and reliability.
    The system is available in four different I/O configurations: XP2040, XP3060, XP4080, and XP8080, with, or selectable mic/line inputs. See model variants for full list.

  • XD Series

    XD Series

    An evolution of the famed DLP family of precessors, ACX's XD Series delivers uniquely-advanced features in a small-format, affordable footprint forr the live sound and performance audio markets.
    The system is available in multiple I/O Variants, with the XD4080 and XD8080 base models, or the XD4080-M and XD8080-M variants that have selectable Mic/Line Inputs & 48V with XLR I/O, and Phoenix I/O respectively.

  • RX Series

    RX Series

    The MA/RX series are the most advanced DSP's ACX has to offer. The RX features ultra-powerful 64-bit floating-point operations with 48/96/192kHz sampling rate and an ultra-low power consumption below 2 watts. This is one of the most powerful, stable, and efficient processors on the market, and has AEC and Dante functions.
    Available as the RX4080 and RX8080

  • MA Series

    MA Series

    The MA/RX series are the most advanced DSP's ACX has to offer. Featuring high-performance 24-bit converters, DSP processed algorithims such as FIR filters, IIR filters, and many more benefits, allowing for the most comprehensive suite of functions for maximum flexibility and capabilities.
    Available as the MA4080 and MA8080

  • Neutrino Series

    Neutrino Series

    Combine top-quality audio performance, easy of use and cost-efficiency and you get an incredible product from the popular NEUX digital signl processors, comprising of DHCP-enabled units, all available in four primary I/O model sizes.

    Available as in several models from the A0808, A0816, A1608, and A1616, with multiple variations including Dante, AES/EBU, AEC, and more.

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