• CS4

    CS4" Active Column with Dante

    Exquisite design and quality components meets modern tech standards as this series comes equipped with Dante, making it easier to install, and being compatible with the Dante network.
    Comes in the CS404A, CS404AN, CS408A, and CS408AN. Also available in black or white.

  • Neutrino Series

    Neutrino Series

    Combine top-quality audio performance, easy of use and cost-efficiency and you get an incredible product from the popular NEUX digital signl processors, comprising of DHCP-enabled units, all available in four primary I/O model sizes.

    Available as in several models from the A0808, A0816, A1608, and A1616, with multiple variations including Dante, AES/EBU, AEC, and more.

  • D Series Multi CH

    D Series Multi CH

    Multi-zone amplifiers do not get simpler to install than with the D-Series.

    Rocking multiple channel solutions from 8 to 16 channels, these are interacted with using the Phoenix interface, allowing for easy installation and modification, and the perfect solution for multi-zone audio.

    Available as the D8120, and the D1660.

  • CSBA Active Subwoofer

    CSBA Active Subwoofer

    Low Distortion, and an active bass power output of up to 500W@40 makes these speakers the perfect way to expand the range of bass with the other series of column speakers, while also being easy to set up.

    Comes in 2 models, the CS12BA, and CS15BA.

  • CSB Passive Subwoofer

    CSB Passive Subwoofer

    Being capable of frequency response of 45-250Hz and 42-200Hz, the CSB passive subwoofers are perfect maximizing your sound whether its for speaking, performances, or more.

    Available as the model CSB12B and CS15B.

  • D8-TBOX


    Size matters sometimes as the D8-Tbox is the line transformer unit capable of low-impedance power amplifiers to be used across a large venue, through several PA systems while maintaining a constant voltage.

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