4ch Series

4 Channel Dante Series

With a built-in DSP module inside the XPower, the comes the birth of the 'D' and 'D4' variants of the XPower devices. The 2 in 4 out DSP module holds 40 bit floating point, 96kHz sample rate and 24bit A/D D/A converter, while being controllable remotely with a ACX'ssoftware.
Available as the X2000D, X4000D, X1D, X2000D3, X4000D4, and X1D4.

With DSP module inside XPower, the 2 in 4 out XPower-D is born. The 2 in 4 out DSP module holds 40 bit floating point, 96kHz sample rate and 24 bit A/D D/A converter. 

The amplifiers is also available as the XPower D4 which allows for 4 in 4 out channels with Phoenix input. The devices reach a maximum level of +20dBu, and a frequency response of +/-0.1dB (20 to 30kHz), and 115dB dynamic range (unweighted).

Also comes with standard safety locks such as a password system and being able to set 30 presets at a time, which can be set and controlled via the ACX Console using a USB or Ethernet.

Input PortRJ45x1RJ45x1RJ45x1
Output PortSpeakON*4SpeakON*4SpeakON*4
Output power (1%THD+N,1kHz @42)500W1000W2500W
Output power (1%THD+N,1kHz @8Q)250W500W1750W
Total system efficiency (2x250W @82)89%88%88%
Peak Output Current30A30A30A
THD+N (1kHz @1W)0.003%0.003%0.05%
Dynamic range120dB(A)120dB(A)120dB(A)
Signal to Noise-Ratio>120dB>120dB>120dB
8 ohms laod,1 kHz and below>1000>1000>1000
ldle Noise40μV(A)40μV(A)110μV(A)
Output impedance (1kHz)14mΩ14mΩ11mΩ
Main input voltage90VAC-240VAC90VAC-240VAC90VAC-240VAC
Power SupplyPowerCON*1PowerCON*1PowerCON*1
Standby consumption0.3W1.2W6W