CS Series

CS 3" Passive Column

Simple to use, stable, economical, and durable. The bigger brother to the CS2 series, with all of its benefits, a full-range of sound, easy installation and with some more power.
Comes in 3 different models, the CS342, CS382, and CS3122, with several accessories for installation, and fine-tuning its angles.

Easy to use, traditoinally stable, economic, and durable. The CS3 Passive Speaker is everything you could ask for. 

Its compact size allows the entire system to run efficiently and provides a simple yet effective solution for a variety of fixed sound reinforcement installation systems. This is done through its Aluminum-magnesium alloy-based body,implanted with 3"woofer along with 3"and 4"aluminum treble,brings out a stylish and magnificent appearance. Unlike regular speaker designs,CS selection of the aluminum treble maximizes its performance on wonderful sound quality and smooth trele.

The CS3" series is perfect for various installations, from smaller indoor locations to medium-sized areas like sections of malls, sports centers, concert halls and more.

Comes with multiple installation combinations through its adjustable hanging accessories, the CS series is applicable to any environment.

 Sensitivity94dB 1W/1M96dB 1W/1M98dB 1W/1M
 Max SPL114dB119dB122dB
 Freq.Resp110 Hz-20 KHz110 Hz-20 KHz110 Hz-20 KHz
 InputSpeakON ×2
Euro Block×1
Euro Block×1
SpeakON ×2
Euro Block×1
 Net Weight6.3kg11.1kg14.1kg