• TP Series

    TP Series

    TP is a touchscreen controller developed by ACX for audio processing. TP has two products: a 5-inch touchscreen remote control panel with HD 1280 x 720 high resolution, and an 8-inch touchscreen remote control panel with HD 1280 x 800 high resolution.

    Available in 5-inch, and 8-inch touchscreen sizes.

  • PoE90+ Injector

    PoE90+ Injector

    The PoE90+ Injector is a single-port PoE injector that's able to withstand a large temperature range, being able to work within temperatures of -40°c to +65°c and 100-240VAC input.
    Its built-in detection chip lets it detect and classify PD before powering, and will not provide power until a standard compliant PD is detected. The effective distance of this device is over 100m over Cat5e/Cat6 cables.

  • PoE16++ Switch

    PoE16++ Switch

    The PoE16++ Switch is a full gigabit BT PoE Switch with adaptive RJ45 ports and 2 1000M SFP optical port slots.
    Among them, 1-16 ports support ultra high power 71W POE output and are backward compatible with IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standard, with a single port PoE power of up to 95W.
    Providing a combination of Gigabit Ethernet port+Gigabit independent optical port, this switch makes it convenient for users to flexibly network and meet their various network needs for any installation application.

  • RIO Series

    RIO Series

    To make media matrixes more flexible in an environment using the Dante network, the RIO expansion box was born.

    Sporting multiple variations for several kinds of ports, the standard 1U high rack equipment is equipped with two RJ45 Dante network ports and 16 in 16 out Phoenix interfaces for analog tranmission. The RIO series is capable of turning what was long distance, unstable analog wiring systems into a low-cost and efficient CAT5e/6 network for audio signal connections.

    Check the specifications sheet for details on all device types.

  • Centro-SM1


    At ACX we have a passion for digital audio with a focus on audio performance. Our Neutrino and other processor series processors are examples of our passion and focus. To provide additional systems approach flexibility we designed the Centro-SM1 DSP Site Manager.
    The Centro-SM1 site manager gives additional functinality to our various processors such as web-based control for devices including iOS & Andoid, Firefox/ Safari/etc browsers; Third Party Control Interpreter (simplifieses programming of third party control systems);
    RS-232 Connection; Scheduler (date and time event scheduling); and System Back-up.
    Some DSP project designs may not require any of this added functionality. So by not including them in the first place in our processors such as the Neutrion, we maximize its value for those consumers. in the first place we maximize their value. For those DSP project designs that do require some or all of our site managers added functionality, all are provided by the Centro-SM1 in a single rack space accessory.

  • MINI Series

    MINI Series

    One of the real tests of the audio sound reinforcement system is how the end user controls the ease of using the system to suit their needs. With these in mind, ACX has developed a remote Mini control panel and a touch screen control tablet panel to enable users to easily communicate with ACX Media Matrix System.

    Available as the K1 II, K4II, S4K1 II, S4II, and S8 II.

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