CS Series

CS 2" Passive Column

Slim, light, yet produces incredible full-range sound for its size. The CS2 Passive series shows that big things do come in small packages and you can take full advantage of its compact size with its easy installation for a passive speaker.
Comes in 3 different Models from the CS242, CS282, and CS2122 for even louder volumes and are available in black or white

CS 2" Passive Series is the smallest version of the CS series, yet possesses amazing energy and sound. 2" woofer with a 1" dome tweeter.It is slim, light; very suitable for small and medium-sized fixed installation.

The born sleek with sleek designs design blending slender nature and modern aesthetics, these offer professional quality audio with a wide range and up to high levels of sound pressure, this series can't be "ignored".

This size of speakers is perfect for a wide range of applications from conference rooms,lecture halls, malls, clubs, and more ideal for indoor locations.

Comes with multiple installation combinations through its adjustable hanging accessories, the CS series can be mounted to almost any location so long as support for it is available.

Components4×2"bass, 1 x 1"dome tweeter8×2"bass, 2 x 1"dome tweeter12×2"bass, 2 x 1"dome tweeter
Freq.Resp120 Hz-20 KHz120 Hz-20 KHz120 Hz-20 KHz
Sensitivity89dB 1W/1M92dB 1W/1M95dB 1W/1M
Max SPL107dB113dB118dB
Input.SpeakON×2, Euro Block×1SpeakON×2, Euro Block×1SpeakON×2, Euro Block×1
AccessoriesWall HangerWall HangerWall Hanger
Net Weight3.3kg5kg6.3kg