• TP Series

    TP Series

    TP is a touchscreen controller developed by ACX for audio processing. TP has two products: a 5-inch touchscreen remote control panel with HD 1280 x 720 high resolution, and an 8-inch touchscreen remote control panel with HD 1280 x 800 high resolution.

    Available in 5-inch, and 8-inch touchscreen sizes.

  • RIO Series

    RIO Series

    To make media matrixes more flexible in an environment using the Dante network, the RIO expansion box was born.

    Sporting multiple variations for several kinds of ports, the standard 1U high rack equipment is equipped with two RJ45 Dante network ports and 16 in 16 out Phoenix interfaces for analog tranmission. The RIO series is capable of turning what was long distance, unstable analog wiring systems into a low-cost and efficient CAT5e/6 network for audio signal connections.

    Check the specifications sheet for details on all device types.

  • MINI Series

    MINI Series

    One of the real tests of the audio sound reinforcement system is how the end user controls the ease of using the system to suit their needs. With these in mind, ACX has developed a remote Mini control panel and a touch screen control tablet panel to enable users to easily communicate with ACX Media Matrix System.

    Available as the K1 II, K4II, S4K1 II, S4II, and S8 II.

  • XWP Series

    XWP Series

    XWP Control is a revolutionary and affordable new series of high-quality control panels, which aims to, simplify and unify controlling the systems required in venues without the need of an operator on deck.

    Large distributed AV systems with multiple operators provide fast and convenient access to system parameters, or are simpler when needed. Small applications with more functions however use low-cost control solutions instead of dedicated touch screens or mixers. allowing for tactile response and reliability.

    Available in black, or white.

  • POE Series

    POE Series

    ACX's series of POE products does exactly what you need. A seamles connection for 10/100/1000M Ethernet and can be used as an ethernet power supply.

    The POE series provide high performance while being cost effective, and being durable enough to sustain some wear and tear with high anti electromagnetic interference capability.

    Available as the POE08 and POE24.

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