• Neutrino Series

    Neutrino Series

    Combine top-quality audio performance, easy of use and cost-efficiency and you get an incredible product from the popular NEUX digital signl processors, comprising of DHCP-enabled units, all available in four primary I/O model sizes.

    Available as in several models from the A0808, A0816, A1608, and A1616, with multiple variations including Dante, AES/EBU, AEC, and more.

  • MA Series

    MA Series

    The MA/RX series are the most advanced DSP's ACX has to offer. Featuring high-performance 24-bit converters, DSP processed algorithims such as FIR filters, IIR filters, and many more benefits, allowing for the most comprehensive suite of functions for maximum flexibility and capabilities.

  • XD Series

    XD Series

    An evolution of the famed DLP family of precessors, ACX's XD Series delivers uniquely-advanced features in a small-format, affordable footprint forr the live sound and performance audio markets.

    The system is available in multiple I/O Variants, with the XD4080 and XD8080 base models, and XD4080-M and XD8080-M variants that have selectable Mic/Line Inputs & 48V with XLR I/O, and Phoenix I/O respectively.

  • XP Series

    XP Series

    ACX's XP series of profesional matrix DSP system controllers, delivering great value-to-performance, its one of the most reliable DSP's on the market, backed by years of legacy design from its original factory and reliability.

    The system is available in four different I/O configurations: XP2040, XP3060, XP4080, and XP8080

  • RX Series

    RX Series

    The MA/RX series are the most advanced DSP's ACX has to offer. The RX features ultra-powerful 64-bit floating-point operations with 48/96/192kHz sampling rate and an ultra-low power consumption below 2 watts. This is one of the most powerful, stable, and efficient processors on the market, and has AEC and Dante functions.

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