ACX Audio (Active Control eXpert)

ACX Audio was founded in 2013 by Canadian DSP audio design company innovation entrepreneur Mr.Timothy and Dutch Interstate Audio CEO Mr. Henk! Through their continuous efforts to innovate and their love for audio products, they understood cables were an indispensable part of sound reinforcement and quality, and thus founded a company in the spirit of company in the spirit of Active Control eXpert (ACX)!

As audio products continue to be more complex and improve in both quality and functions, so too must the connections that bind everything together. Over the years ACX has created several types of cables from Speaker cables, Microphone Cables, Signal cables and Network cables in order to create a sustainable and effective line of connections for all aspects of the audio setup. These cables are known for its quality and great price, and include materials ranging from PUR to PvC.  ACX has also partnered with Puyin to provide alternatives to its strong lineup of cables with more affordable alternatives with only a few compromises to its material and sound.

As the company grows, our mission remains clear. To develop, produce and sell first-class quality cables and connection components to give audio, video, radio, studio. Supporting high-quality products in the field of conference and media technology to help achieve the best results.

In the future development, we hope that our team can work together with our customers and partners to develop into a professional team of audio and video products enterprises, providing better products for audio and video. And take care of our customers in a humane and friendly manner.