2024-07-01 16:12:34

Private moments can be completely silent, but sometimes you need music to accompany a little get-together with old friends or for that business gathering with an important client. ACX's variety of ceiling speakers and mounted control panels allows for an elegant solution to provide crisp and quiet music while also being controllable from afar via ACXTouch, or accompany control panels such as the XWP, MINI, and TP Series.

Stadiums present some of the ultimate challenges for sound devices, having to provide sound for not hundreds, but potentially thousands of participants over a massive area during some of the most important sporting events of the year. Given the scalability, flexibility and use-centric control is not only required, but expect.

Audinate's patented Dante audio network protocol is the industry-standard choice for the backbone of sports facilities because of its ability to run on standard IT infrastructure – minimizing analog cabling and reducing installation time. Increased compatibility with with end-user IT departments makes daily operations run more smoothly as well as simplifying maintenance through comfortable terminology and interfaces.

With the combination of ACX's powerful processors such as the Neutrino MA/RX and more, users can connect directly to digital mixers and stage boxes with selectable ouputs through the ACX console to control various equipment including projectors, amplifiers, lighting and seat rakes and any device that can be written. Third-party interoperability with select manufacturers' products, including Audio-Technica and Powersoft, enables integrators to have faster configuration times in high-device-count installations.

All of this, with 40-point floating DSPs and a 96kHz sampling rate complete with carefully designed algorithmic processing modules that can mix, and zone pristine immersive sounds throughout the facility, and be controlled using wall panels or the free ACX Touch app makes ACX products a viable choice for stadiums and sporting centers.