Conference Room

2024-07-01 16:10:23

As businesses return to a more stable working environment and the economy slowly begins to recover, the return to face-to-face meetings in offices, conference rooms and meeting rooms and broadcasts are more important than ever. ACX Amplifiers and our line of touch accessories such as the XWP creates an effective control network that can be used to cover multiple rooms or floors via Ethernet or USB while also supplying excellent broadband output. ACX amplifiers also meet ever safety requirement, creating something efficient, effective, and durable.

As any enterprise aims to grow, they are faced with the unique challenging of providing smooth, seamless communication to all of its employees in an environment that provides clear, uninterrupted sound with reliable systems, while being low-profile to not disturb its employees.

Audio quality is critical to successful business communication. However, when placing speakers close to open microphones in full-duplex communication applications such as audio and video conferencing, one of the biggest issues faced by integrators and companies in conferencing verticals is echo – it’s unavoidable of. In these cases, the sound from the speaker is picked up by the microphone and transmitted to the original speaker – resulting in delayed and distorted sound, which hinders understanding and prohibits seamless communication.

ACX's implements an AEC algorithm to reduces single call echo by 80dB in any acoustic environment at 16kHz, 24kHz and 48kHz sampling frequencies. For conversation-critical spaces such as conference rooms, integrators using Neutrino open architecture DSPs or Uno pre-configured DSPs can leverage the -AEC suffix model to provide G.167, P.340 and VDA compliant cancellation with powerful two-way talk detector features, providing 30dB+ reduction during two-way calls, converging to 80dB echo reduction under 100ms.

Flexibility and reach is also just as important. Modern office spaces now incorporate small meeting rooms that also allow participants to speak to individuals and micro-teams remotely. Combined with breakout rooms it allows internal teams to continue to work efficiently even outside of the office. Such options require flexible routing, network audio delivery and remote DSP and I/O facilities.

With select-N Suffix Neutrino and Uno products, integrators can leverage Audinate's patented Dante networking technology to connect spaces for room grouping, signaling the main conference room to breakout and squeeze spaces, as well as allowing access from laptops to Computers, tablets and smartphones for remote input from Dante- Rio Series wall panels. In addition, the wide range of I/O numbers in the Neutrino series (from 8×8 to 16×16) gives facilities the maximum results for the best price.

ACX also provides a simple solution and powerful solutiont o setting up your audio system, as the ACXConsole and ACXTouch app can be used to configure any command interface with our devices while also offering a user-friendly interface all for free. Touch and panel solutoins are also available in the TP, XWP, and MINI series.