Private Clubs and Restaurants

2024-07-01 16:12:07

ACX products are popular in private clubs. Whether it's for a brand new artist or a seasonal event, disco, rock club or bar, music plays an essential role in setting the tone of the event for everyone involved. Not only does a club require a powerful system, but one flexible enough to suit any occassion, which can be seamlessy tuned through the use of the ACX console in tandem with our series of processors such as the advanced XP and XD series.

Hotels and restaurants are built with the guests' comfort in mind, and of course it's important that the audio systems reflects this care for its customers, with high-quality sound in areas such as ballrooms restaurants, bars, and gathering spaces.

Leveraging ACX's carefully crafted DSP algorithms, products like the Neutrino, XP/XD, and MA/RX series offer extensive processing capabilities including automatic mixing, feedback cancellation, FIR and IIR filters, AGC, compression, limiting, speaker management and AEC, and more. ACX's processors use a 40-bit floating DSP with a sampling rate of 48-96khz depending on the product. This helps to maintain high-fidelity audio, and all of this is manufactured in the in-house production facility. Each unit is quality tested before shipment, ensuring high-quality products for all members of the hospitality industry. On the chance that anything goes wrong, ACX is ready to provide fast, easy, and comprehensive support.

ACX's line of processor products also feature extensive features with Audinate's patented Dante Audio Network. This technology allows technology allows audio signals to be sent over standard IT infrastructure – both minimizing installation time and reducing the overhead of heavy copper analog cabling. Dante's fluidity for IT also allows a hotel's in-house IT department to completely manage the audiovisual network, limiting maintenance and service overhead and increasing the availability of immediate on-premises support. With distributed venues, the RIO range of remote wall panels, stage boxes and rack-mounted I/O solutions can help route signals from private dining rooms, bars, main dining rooms, performance areas and ballrooms to central racks, helping Increase end-user flexibility regarding what and where they can connect to the system .

Where trained staff may be less common such as in restaurants and hotels, ACX offers a simple control interface through ACX toch and the aforementioned RIO wall panels to minimize the time needed to train users in its usage, and allowing those to configure the audio settings from anywhere as long as they are connected with free app.In addition, when these integrators also install third-party compatible products including Audio-Technica, Powersoft and Bose, they can also reduce installation and commissioning time through native device integration.