Lecture and Concert Halls

2024-07-01 16:10:59

The ACX Console and ACX Touch makes it simple for faculty members and technical support to create an environment that lets instructors focus on learning, and trust that all students can absorb all the necessary information. Our systems allow for easy setup in auditoriums, lecture halls and more while also enabling expansion through connected amplifiers. ACX also offers an array of powerful column and subwoofer speakers in the CS series, allowing for increased power for even larger venuse such as concert halls.

Ease of use has always been a priority for the education sector. As the potential range of users increase from technicians, agents, and at times even professors, simplicity and effectiveness becomes key, and at ACX we offer DSP technology to meet those goals.

ACX's processing solutoins such as the Neutrino, RIO,XP/XD series feature custom algorithms that deliver best-in-class audio features – including gain-sharing automatic mixer, bidirectional feedback cancellation and acoustic echo cancellation – to ensure that the sound remains "invisible" to everyone present. User and room presets allow one to completely change a room without little human interaction – ideal for multi-purpose spaces such as lecture, concert halls, stadiums, and spaces for any activity.

Being able to cater towrads different activities is essential for educational facilities. ACX uses Dante Network Technology to allow for greater spacial flexibility, with easy overflow and multiple room combination possibilities that supports lecture capture systems and broadcast trucks. This makes BYOD easier, and students and educators can simply plug in their devices through ACX's line of venue with the ACX range of remote network I/O solutions, including stage stands and Dante-enabled wall panels.