• CSBA 8

    CSBA 8" Active Subwoofer

    Coming with a built-in integrated Class H amplifier, feel the sound going through your body with the CSBA 8', capable of a frequency response of 20Hz-120Hz (士10dB) including two satellite channels of power output, reaching up to 160 W@40 of energy.

    Available as the model CSBA.

  • CSBA Active Subwoofer

    CSBA Active Subwoofer

    Low Distortion, and an active bass power output of up to 500W@40 makes these speakers the perfect way to expand the range of bass with the other series of column speakers, while also being easy to set up.

    Comes in 2 models, the CS12BA, and CS15BA.

  • CSB Passive Subwoofer

    CSB Passive Subwoofer

    Being capable of frequency response of 45-250Hz and 42-200Hz, the CSB passive subwoofers are perfect maximizing your sound whether its for speaking, performances, or more.

    Available as the model CSB12B and CS15B.

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